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Pulau Weh

Pulau Weh is one of the best snorkeling and diving destinations in Southeast Asia. Pulau Weh is still the Pulau Weh (or Weh Island or Sabang) that we remember; the coral reefs, the scenery, the atmosphere and its friendly people.

There is so much more to this island than diving; fishing, nature, sceneries, atmosphere and much more. Ask any of the many travelers who stay month after month and still come back for more all the time. Iboihs, Gapang, Sumur Tiga and Sabang Town are all interesting, relaxing and popular amongst foreign visitors.


Western tourists have come to use the geographical name Pulau Weh or Weh Island. Indonesians normally use the administrative name, i.e. Sabang. It can be confusing when you ask for directions.

Click to enlargeIn this web portal we use Pulau Weh as it is more widely known. In Acehnese it would be Pulo Weh. Weh means move or go away. It can also be derived from Ie (water).

The three popular beach areas are Iboih, Gapang, and Sumur Tiga.

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