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Taman Nasional Gunung Leuser

Gunung Leuser National Park or TNGL a natural panorama and the “lungs” of the world that have been set by the Government of Indonesia as a national nature reserve since 1980 and established as a world heritage (biosphere reserve) by UNESCO in 2004. Government of Indonesia and Malaysia are also working together set TNGL and State Parks National Park in Malaysia as a “Sister Park”. TNGL located in an area of 792 675 hectares, diketinggian 3404 meters above sea level, air temperature 21 ° – 28 ° C.

Gunung Leuser forest is very dense, berkhas coastal forest and tropical rain forest. Inside there are several rivers, lakes, hot springs, valleys, and waterfalls. Ecosystem is very beautiful and diverse landscape that includes lowland (coastal) to mountian. There are a variety of protected endangered species such as bobcat, tiger, rangkong, orangutans, gibbons, snakes, butterflies, birds, the Sumatran elephant, the rhinoceros of Sumatra, forest sheep, and sambar deer. Besides, there are plants Strangler (fig) and other rare plants such as giant flower “Rhizanthes zippelnii” whose diameter is 1.5 meters, RAFLESIA flowers, and leaves a giant umbrella.

There are six major location attractions in Gunung Leuser National Park, the Bukit Lawang Bohorok or known as the orang-utan conservation area; Kluet famous cave tours and canoe tours on the lakes and rivers; Gunung Leuser, which is often used for the location of adventure climbing and climbing tours mountain; Alas River which is often used as a sports tourism sites arum rafting; Secondary which is often used as a campground, wildlife observation and cave tour; and gurah, as the location for enjoying the beautiful scenery with a variety of unique and rare plants, as well as place observation of various endangered species protected.

Gunung Leuser National Park located at the border or TNGL Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam North Sumatra. In Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, TNGL in Singkil district, South Aceh, East Aceh and Gayo Luwes, and in North Sumatra was in District Langkat.

To reach the tourist sites, visitors can go through the route of Medan, North Sumatra towards Kutacane, Aceh Tenggara (a distance of approximately 240 km) with a travel time of about eight hours to drive the car. Then from Kutacane to the major tourist sites or Ketambe gurah takes about 30 minutes by driving a car with a travel distance of approximately 35 km. If visitors want to tour the location of Bukit Lawang Bohorok or, more easily done through Medan, a distance of approximately 60 km with a driving car for about one hour. Likewise, if visitors want to tour locations Sei Betung easier depart from Medan to drive a car around 2 hours with a mileage of approximately 150 km. If visitors want to TNGL region in Tapaktuan, the capital of South Aceh from Medan could also be taken approximately 10 hours of travel by driving a car with a distance of approximately 260 km.

There is lodging in the area of tourism accommodation Bohorok or Bukit Lawang, North Sumatra.

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