Tanah Lot Sunset

The word of Tanah Lot is consisted of two words that are Tanah word interpreted as a reef looking like gili or isle. Lot or Lod word has meaning the sea. So Tanah Lot is meaning the small island floating on the sea. The location is now called as Tanah Lot has been used at a Megalithic period as a place that looked into holy, proven from the existence of menhir. Pursuant to environmental condition, hence the structure of Tanah Lot Temple is built at irregular reef plain of its angle which is only consisted of one plain yard as Jeroan.


The function of this temple can be realized from the function of the main temple building which is located in the temple main area. In this place, there is a main temple to worship the god in form of Dewa Baruna or Bhatara Segara, the sea power. The media of worship to this god is the temple building with 5 storied meanwhile the 3 storied temple building in north part of this area is purposing to worship to Dang Hyang Nirartha.

In order to know the status of Tanah Lot Temple can be realized from the temple history, function and also incoming devotee existence pray when temple ceremony is held. In this case can be realized as follows:

  • Tanah Lot Temple as dang Kahyangan(the big Holy Temples in Bali ), because the history and the Penyiwi (The people taking care of the temple) are from the local people from Tabanan regency and surrounding area
  • Tanah Lot temple as Segara Temple, because its function as sanctum to worship the Bhatara Segara, the God with manifestation as the ocean Power Deity

The unique animal can be seen in this temple area is the snake which are generally can be met in the coast. Part of its stomach there are no athwart skin, there is only small skin, but this sea water snake very noxious but snakebite case are very seldom happened, because the sea water snake generally very passive.


Pura Luhur Uluwatu

Pura Luhur Uluwatu atau Pura Uluwatu merupakan pura yang berada di wilayah Desa Pecatu, Kecamatan Kuta, Badung.

Pura yang terletak di ujung barat daya pulau Bali di atas anjungan batu karang yang terjal dan tinggi serta menjorok ke laut ini merupakan Pura Sad Kayangan yang dipercaya oleh orang Hindu sebagai penyangga dari 9 mata angin. Pura ini pada mulanya digunakan menjadi tempat memuja seorang pendeta suci dari Abad 11 bernama Empu Kuturan. Ia menurunkan ajaran Desa Adat dengan segala aturannya. Pura ini juga dipakai untuk memuja pendeta suci berikutnya, yaitu Dang Hyang Nirartha, yang datang ke Bali di akhir tahun 1550 dan mengakhiri perjalanan sucinya dengan apa yang dinamakan Moksah/Ngeluhur di tempat ini. Kata inilah yang menjadi asal nama Pura Luhur Uluwatu.[1]

Pura Uluwatu terletak pada ketinggian 97 meter dari permukaan laut. Di depan pura terdapat hutan kecil yang disebut alas kekeran, berfungsi sebagai penyangga kesucian pura.

Pura Uluwatu mempunyai beberapa pura pesanakan, yaitu pura yang erat kaitannya dengan pura induk. Pura pesanakan itu yaitu Pura Bajurit, Pura Pererepan, Pura Kulat, Pura Dalem Selonding dan Pura Dalem Pangleburan. Masing-masing pura ini mempunyai kaitan erat dengan Pura Uluwatu, terutama pada hari-hari piodalan-nya. Piodalan di Pura Uluwatu, Pura Bajurit, Pura Pererepan dan Pura Kulat jatuh pada Selasa Kliwon Wuku Medangsia setiap 210 hari. Manifestasi Tuhan yang dipuja di Pura Uluwatu adalah Dewa Rudra.

Pura Uluwatu juga menjadi terkenal karena tepat di bawahnya adalah pantai Pecatu yang sering kali digunakan sebagai tempat untuk olahraga surfing, bahkan event internasional seringkali diadakan di sini. Ombak pantai ini terkenal amat cocok untuk dijadikan tempat surfing selain keindahan alam Bali yang memang amat cantik.


Baiturrahman Great Mosque

Baiturrahman Great Mosque is a large mosque to witness the history of the silent historical grandeur, majesty and glory of the kingdom of Aceh Darussalam history throughout the centuries.

World Europe understand that the Sultanate is the Iskandar Muda Aceh achieve progress so rapidly, so it is often called the heyday of Aceh is the Sultan Iskandar Muda (1607-1636). At the time of Iskandar Muda in charge of the world, especially European Portuguese that has been occupied Malacca and other Asian century ago since some fail conquer Aceh, according to the review and analysis of experts from the Portuguese explained that at the time of Iskandar Muda in power, the strength of the military in Aceh is in the peak of glory and power beyond in the Portuguese, the Portuguese is the power of Europe at that time that made the expansion kedunia outside to find the source of the economy. Portuguese is first entered Asia, especially Southeast Asia after a few centuries later, followed by tramp-tramp of the New Netherlands, the UK, France and the United States.


Taman Nasional Gunung Leuser

Gunung Leuser National Park or TNGL a natural panorama and the “lungs” of the world that have been set by the Government of Indonesia as a national nature reserve since 1980 and established as a world heritage (biosphere reserve) by UNESCO in 2004. Government of Indonesia and Malaysia are also working together set TNGL and State Parks National Park in Malaysia as a “Sister Park”. TNGL located in an area of 792 675 hectares, diketinggian 3404 meters above sea level, air temperature 21 ° – 28 ° C.

Gunung Leuser forest is very dense, berkhas coastal forest and tropical rain forest. Inside there are several rivers, lakes, hot springs, valleys, and waterfalls. Ecosystem is very beautiful and diverse landscape that includes lowland (coastal) to mountian. There are a variety of protected endangered species such as bobcat, tiger, rangkong, orangutans, gibbons, snakes, butterflies, birds, the Sumatran elephant, the rhinoceros of Sumatra, forest sheep, and sambar deer. Besides, there are plants Strangler (fig) and other rare plants such as giant flower “Rhizanthes zippelnii” whose diameter is 1.5 meters, RAFLESIA flowers, and leaves a giant umbrella.

There are six major location attractions in Gunung Leuser National Park, the Bukit Lawang Bohorok or known as the orang-utan conservation area; Kluet famous cave tours and canoe tours on the lakes and rivers; Gunung Leuser, which is often used for the location of adventure climbing and climbing tours mountain; Alas River which is often used as a sports tourism sites arum rafting; Secondary which is often used as a campground, wildlife observation and cave tour; and gurah, as the location for enjoying the beautiful scenery with a variety of unique and rare plants, as well as place observation of various endangered species protected.

Gunung Leuser National Park located at the border or TNGL Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam North Sumatra. In Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, TNGL in Singkil district, South Aceh, East Aceh and Gayo Luwes, and in North Sumatra was in District Langkat.

To reach the tourist sites, visitors can go through the route of Medan, North Sumatra towards Kutacane, Aceh Tenggara (a distance of approximately 240 km) with a travel time of about eight hours to drive the car. Then from Kutacane to the major tourist sites or Ketambe gurah takes about 30 minutes by driving a car with a travel distance of approximately 35 km. If visitors want to tour the location of Bukit Lawang Bohorok or, more easily done through Medan, a distance of approximately 60 km with a driving car for about one hour. Likewise, if visitors want to tour locations Sei Betung easier depart from Medan to drive a car around 2 hours with a mileage of approximately 150 km. If visitors want to TNGL region in Tapaktuan, the capital of South Aceh from Medan could also be taken approximately 10 hours of travel by driving a car with a distance of approximately 260 km.

There is lodging in the area of tourism accommodation Bohorok or Bukit Lawang, North Sumatra.


Air Terjun Lhong

Every day, especially on Saturdays and Sundays the place is located about 55 kilometers from the center of Banda Aceh city is often visited by hundreds or even thousands of people of Banda Aceh and Aceh Besar, some are even purposely came from Lamno, Aceh Jaya regency. Besides having a bathing pool deep and wide, the visitors who come will also enjoy the green scenery and food and beverage menus with a number of stalls run by local people with relatively low prices. And for visitors who are curious about the source of the flow of the waterfall located at the top of the mountain can be explored with a steep climb some stairs. But for this one thing only allowed for men only, according to organizer written on the door steps of a tourist attraction.


Pantai Lhok Nga

Lhoknga, the beach is adorned by pine trees that are growing ever higher to challenge the sun after all flattened by the tsunami. Before the tsunami, Lhoknga very beautiful beach, shaded by pine trees, so many cool places to stay away from the heat while enjoying the beach. Currently, Lhoknga still very hot with high waves hit the coast. But fir wild (not grown, grow your own) began to grow along the area that separates the beach and highway.
In the afternoon before the sun will set, many people who come to enjoy a reddish orange light like a scratched among white clouds sailing follow the direction of the wind. Sound waves that roared and want to break down the coast as far flung ripple strength.
This great wave can be enjoyed most by people who can surf. Dozens and dozens of people are currently learning to surf on the waves in the shallow water depth (still waist therein). There began to be briefly seen dancing on the surf and then disappear so that the balance falls into sea water. There are only a surfboard hug and followed the wave peak, align ourselves with a surfboard and then swinging waves brought up ketepian.
Which was smart surfing becomes an amazing object to be observed to spend the afternoon at the beach. They stood with the full balance on a surfboard writhed and danced from one wave to another wave. Then the beach and the waves had broken their arms back to the sea with a surfboard and using his hands to pedal as soon as possible so that the water reached the point where they will stand again for surfing the waves brought to shore.

Across the highway is not an associated side of the road to the beach, many cafes have tents or makeshift cafes to provide assistance in eliminating hunger of people who visit the beach Lhoknga. Paforit young coconut into a drink to be enjoyed. Freshness of the water contained in a young coconut provide coolness to the tongue and continued through the throat so the beach seemed to decrease the heat. Many also offer cold drinks, bottled teas, soft drinks, cold coffee, ice tea, ice pop, mixed with coconut milk syrup. Food on offer includes, instant noodle, roasted corn, cakes and anything that allows for the sale.
The road toward Lhoknga will become bogged down when the holidays have arrived. Many came to leave the busy life to get a new freshness to come to Lhoknga. Beaches that can be reached during the 45 minutes of banda Aceh was making the exact location visited in the evening or during holiday weekend has arrived.

On the side of the road relating to the beach. Many have gasibu (seating with umbrellas to hold heat) which is provided by the merchants, so that visitors can enjoy food and beverages served, looking toward the blue sea with waves racing towards the shore. It is used Gasibu-do with small talk for the release fatigue work while enjoying the freshness of young coconut water into a fun afternoon. Chat from one story to the story of a mild light which makes many another group of people working from Banda with cars coming at the beach meets the street Lhoknga.

On the far side of the road from the beach there is also a shop that rents surfboards that many ditongkrongi by people who want to learn surfing. Learn to surf the most important thing is to keep balance while standing on a surfboard to follow wherever the waves carry surfing. Some who have made a hobby of surfing, surfing is usually already have their own. They enjoy the surf without a care if their skin had been burned by the sun. Surfing is much more fun, so sunburn is not a high price to be paid.


Pulau Weh

Pulau Weh is one of the best snorkeling and diving destinations in Southeast Asia. Pulau Weh is still the Pulau Weh (or Weh Island or Sabang) that we remember; the coral reefs, the scenery, the atmosphere and its friendly people.

There is so much more to this island than diving; fishing, nature, sceneries, atmosphere and much more. Ask any of the many travelers who stay month after month and still come back for more all the time. Iboihs, Gapang, Sumur Tiga and Sabang Town are all interesting, relaxing and popular amongst foreign visitors.


Western tourists have come to use the geographical name Pulau Weh or Weh Island. Indonesians normally use the administrative name, i.e. Sabang. It can be confusing when you ask for directions.

Click to enlargeIn this web portal we use Pulau Weh as it is more widely known. In Acehnese it would be Pulo Weh. Weh means move or go away. It can also be derived from Ie (water).

The three popular beach areas are Iboih, Gapang, and Sumur Tiga.